The secret to creating that effortless, airy but curated styled shelf, surface or vignette in your home? One that when you walk by you smile and high five yourself because it made you smile. There is an actual process to that and it takes practice.
Setting a Valentines or Galentines table can be fast and next to free by creatively shopping your home for decor that you already have on hand. I'm all about the blush this year so I grabbed all the pretty pink bits and bobs I had in my decor piles ( I 'd love to say decor closet  but really it's a pile or piles in various spots) and then went to work.
Welcome Friends! A New Year, a new look with a new name for the blog
with a united social media presence! 

Craftsman style living room with stone fireplace
Remarkable Modern Cottage 

For newbies that probably stumbled onto this with out planning to (Hi! Please stay!We can be friends!)  ... I'm Tracey, design business owner, stager, stylist (+wife mom dog lover cottage lover and so on!) This is a refreshed home design and decor inspired space...but the door is wide open to other stuff too! Keeping it real.
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